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Do you have a wage and hour dispute with your employer?

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Most employees in this country have a legal right to be paid at least the minimum wage of $7.25 per hour and time-and-a-half for any hours worked over 40 in a week. However, millions of hard-working Americans are victims of wage theft every week. Employers who withhold earned wages from workers are violating both state and federal laws. The employment lawyers at McDonald Law Firm hold negligent employers accountable for their wage and hour violations.

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Wage and hour rights are governed by the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA).

The FLSA is a set of federal labor laws that define the basic rights of US workers. When an employer violates these laws, they can be held financially liable for back pay and other damages.

Are you a victim of wage theft? The answer may be “YES” if…

Minimum Wage Violations

You aren’t being paid the federal minimum wage.

Your state’s minimum wage is higher than the federal minimum wage, but you are paid the lower, federal rate.

You’re being paid a daily rate that falls below the minimum wage.

Unpaid Labor Violations

You aren’t being paid for all of the hours you’ve worked.

You’re a contractor, but you’re not being paid for all of your hours worked.

You have not been compensated for the cost of a required uniform, tools or other supplies.

You’re required to work through meals or breaks.

Overtime Violations

You aren’t paid overtime when you’ve worked over 40 hours a week.

You’re paid less than time-and-a-half when you worked overtime hours.

You believe your “exempt” status is wrong, resulting in lower pay or unpaid overtime.

You’ve been denied overtime because your employer says it’s your fault that you need extra time to do your job.

You’ve been asked to work “off the clock.”

You’ve been asked to clock out and work for tips only.

Tip Pool Violations

You’re required to contribute an excessive amount to a tip pool.

Part of your tips are used to pay non-tipped employees or managers.

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What is the minimum wage?

The current federal minimum wage is $7.25 per hour. Some states have minimum wages that are higher than the federal rate. Federal law says that the higher wage must be honored. So if you live in a state with a higher minimum wage than $7.25 per hour, you must be payed the higher wage. Learn more about minimum wage violations.

What is the Minimum Wage?
How much is overtime?

What is overtime pay?

Overtime is defined as any work performed over the standard 40 hours during a single work week. Overtime pay is “time-and-a-half,” or 1½ x your standard rate of pay. Learn more about overtime pay and overtime violations.

How to document wage and hour violations.

If you feel your wage and hour rights have been violated, it is important to document each incident and collect any hard evidence that you can find, including pay stubs, copies of time cards, emails, posted memos, or anything else that implicates your employer. If you are being asked to work “off the clock,” be sure to document your work schedule and the work that you complete.

How to document wage violations.
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How to report wage theft.

How to report wage theft:

If you think you’re not being paid fairly by your employer, the FLSA gives you two options:

  1. Report possible wage and hour violations to the Department of Labor.
  2. File a lawsuit against your employer.

Filing a complaint with the Department of Labor invalidates your right to file a civil lawsuit. If you file with the federal government, you will lose the right to pursue your back wages in court.

Before filing a complaint, contact one of the experienced employment lawyers at McDonald Law Firm to assess your situation and review your potential legal options. It costs you nothing to feel out the strength of your case and you’ll leave with a better understanding of your potential legal options. We are here to answer your questions and explain the legal process. Call us today at 877-803-2897.

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Let us go head-to-head with your employer so you don’t have to.

McDonald Law Firm helps individuals who have been the victim of illegal wage and hour violations. Our skilled employment lawyers know how to recognize when an employer is acting in bad faith. We’re prepared to fight for your rights and help you get the compensation you may be owed.

We don’t get paid unless you win. Period.

We’ll handle your wage and hour case on a contingency basis, which means you never owe our firm any out-of-pocket fees or expenses. We only get paid if we win compensation for you. McDonald Law Firm takes all wage and hour cases seriously. We represent each of our clients with integrity, honor and discipline. Call us at 877-803-2897 or fill out the form on this page to get started.

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