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Imagine your contractor telling you that you have to completely demolish your house and start over from scratch.

That’s what one of our insurance claim dispute clients was advised shortly after a severe storm struck his coastal home. To make things worse, his contractor hadn’t completed an engineering report and FEMA questioned whether there was actually enough structural damage to support the additional costs for demolition and rebuilding.

Enter McDonald Law Firm.

We quickly engaged our expert who had a thorough understanding of hurricane damage claims. We leveraged his knowledge along with our comprehensive policy analysis to establish that our client’s policy should cover the additional costs incurred as a result of the storm, and additional costs for overlooked wind damage as well. In total, we were able to recover a 194% increase in payout from our client’s insurance company for his hurricane damage claim.

McDonald Law Firm understands insurance claim disputes and we know how to recognize insurance issues that may be overlooked. We won’t hesitate to take your insurance company to task for denying, delaying or underpaying your valid insurance claim.

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