Denied, delayed or underpaid storm damage claim?

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Storm damage claim?

It can take years to recover from the pain and destruction caused by a severe weather outbreak.

Each year, thousands of homes and business are damaged or destroyed by high winds, heavy rains, large hail and powerful tornadoes. Unfortunately, many storm survivors get victimized again during the recovery process – this time, by insurance companies that deny, delay or underpay their property insurance claims.

The experienced insurance lawyers at McDonald Law Firm understand insurance disputes and we know how to recognize insurance bad faith. We won’t hesitate to take your insurance company to task for denying or low-balling valid storm insurance claims. Call 877-568-8304 today to schedule a free consultation to discuss your storm damage claim.

Real people. Proven results.

See a few of our past storm damage settlements above. Many other settlements are confidential between the parties involved and cannot be revealed.

Damage from a recent storm?

February 2017: Deep South Tornadoes
Twelve tornadoes tore through parts of the Deep South on February 7th, injuring 33 people, six seriously. The brunt of the destruction occurred in the eastern part of New Orleans, where peak winds reached 150 mph and EF3 damage was reported. A total of 250 structures sustained major damage, requiring reconstruction or demolition, another 400 had moderate damage, including destroyed roofs. Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards requested that the storms in Orleans, Ascension, Livingston, Jefferson and St. James parishes be declared federal disasters, the first step toward FEMA sending emergency funds.

January 2017: Southern Storm Outbreak
A violent storm ripped across the south, from Mississippi to Florida, creating mass destruction and devastation for many communities. More than 70 tornadoes were reported and tragically 21 people lost their lives. The Mississippi Emergency Management Agency reported more than 1,400 homes were damaged across eight counties following the severe weather, including an EF3 tornado that touched down in Hattiesburg, on January 21. Governor Deal of Georgia declared a state of emergency for 16 south central Georgia counties that were severely impacted from the violent storms and tornadoes on January 21 and 22.

October 2016: Hurricane Matthew
From Florida to North Carolina, Hurricane Matthew wreaked havoc in the U.S., causing widespread damage from wind, storm surge and inland flooding. According to the CDC, 43 deaths have been attributed to Matthew, with more than half a result of drowning. Matthew caused an estimated $4-6 billion worth of damage in insured losses, with $3.5-5 billion caused by wind and $500,000-1 million caused by storm surge.

December 2015: Rowlett, TX Tornado
On the day after Christmas in 2015, 12 tornadoes barreled through North Texas, tossing vehicles, leveling houses and destroying businesses. Tragically, thirteen people, including an infant were killed. The bedroom communities of Rowlett, Garland and Sunnyvale were hit the hardest. An EF4 twister, with wind speeds of 200 mph, devoured everything in its path and left hundreds homeless. The community is still picking up the pieces.

April 2016: Wylie, TX Hail Storms
On April 11, 2016, a ferocious hailstorm pounded Wylie, damaging about 80 percent of the city’s 15,000 homes. Soft-ball sized hail smashed through windows and battered roofs, causing ceilings to leak and, even, collapse. The damage was so extensive that school officials cancelled classes at all 19 schools in the district.  Many homes in the Collin County community are still undergoing repairs and are uninhabitable.

Storm Damage Claim Denied, Delayed or Underpaid? Get help now: 877-803-2897

What Constitutes a Bad Faith Insurance Claim?

Putting Profit over the Policyholder.

Insurance companies have a duty to conduct business honestly, fairly and in good faith. Simply put, the insurance company can’t look for ways to cut corners or cheat you out of full and just compensation for the losses covered under your insurance policy.

If you believe your insurance company is dishonest or has acted unfairly concerning your storm damage claim, it’s imperative that you contact McDonald Law Firm as soon as possible. We have exceptional knowledge and experience in the field of disaster relief insurance and a proven record of success. We will hold your insurance company accountable and fight to obtain the settlement to which you are entitled. We can help you put your life back together.

Bad faith conduct can take many forms, including:

  • Wrongfully denying a valid claim.
  • Offering an unreasonable, lowball settlement.
  • Failing to tell you pertinent information.
  • Misrepresenting the terms of your policy.
  • Altering the terms of your policy.
  • Failing to properly investigate your claim.
  • Failing to investigate your claim in a timely manner.
  • Intentionally avoiding you ― failing to return emails, phone calls or refusing to meet you.
  • Intentionally stalling or delaying payment.

How We Can Help with your Storm Damage Claim.

Our insurance litigation team will carefully review the language of your insurance policy, assess the damage to your home or business and evaluate the reason for your insurance company’s decision. Generally speaking, if we cannot reach a fair resolution with your insurance company, we will move forward with trial. Your lawsuit may also include additional damages for your carrier’s conduct in its handling of your legitimate claim.

Many times, insurance companies will choose to quickly settle rather than battle experienced, knowledgeable insurance lawyers. The insurance company is also more likely to respond to a lawyer, rather than to you alone.

Call us at 877-803-2897 for your free, no-obligation claim review.

To evaluate your claim, we will need the following documentation or information:

Insurance Policy

The document detailing the terms and conditions of your insurance contract.

Declarations Page

The page that outlines the “who, what, where and when” of your insurance policy.


Letters, emails or handwritten notes between you and your insurance company.

Damage Estimates

Any approximations of cost you’ve received to repair or replace damaged property.

Why Choose Us?

Experience Matters ― We’ve Stood in Your Shoes!

We know first-hand the kind of devastation caused by tornadoes. In 2000, Dan McDonald’s law firm was badly damaged by a powerful twister that ripped through downtown Fort Worth. Not only did it uproot business, but it disrupted lives.

Since that time, we have helped countless other storm victims get back on their feet and back into their homes and businesses. Most recently, we represented victims of destructive Hurricane Sandy, the second-costliest hurricane in US history. We take pride in helping our clients stand up to big insurance companies with deep pockets.

Securing our services will not cost you anything out of pocket. We work on contingency, which means there are no legal fees unless we successfully resolve your case through settlement, mediation or a trial.

You’ve suffered enough. Don’t settle for less than you are owed. Give us a call and we’ll get to work on your storm damage claim. We are only on one side – yours.

Tornado damage, Bank One Tower, March 28, 2000.

Tornado damage, Bank One Tower, March 28, 2000.

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