McDonald Law Firm Newsletter December 2017


The city told them to demolish their home. Afterwards, the insurance carrier wouldn’t cover it.

After hurricane flooding decimated Mr. and Mrs. K’s coastal home, their city told them it was unlivable and they had to demolish and start over. Mr. K is a handy guy. He thought he would tackle some of the rebuilding projects himself. Anything he couldn’t do, the Ks could subcontract out. Why not? It would save them and the insurance company time and money, right? Well, not so fast…


Property Tax Reminders

Property taxes are due January 31, 2018 for the 2017 tax year. You should have received your bill by now. If not, reach out to your local tax office.

Also, remember to file your homestead exemption if there are any changes or if you have moved. The average homeowner saves more than $1,000 every year with a homestead exemption on their primary residence.


With the holiday season in full swing, distraction levels are high.

Most people are consumed with holiday party planning, cooking for their family, buying presents for loved ones and looking forward to vacation time. While everyone is focused on planning an enjoyable holiday, unexpected vehicle collisions happen too often. For this reason, we’ve outlined a few tips that can help make your holidays safer and more enjoyable for you and your loved ones.

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