Statistics show the 4th of July holiday remains the most dangerous of the year.

Extreme Caution: The 4th of July holiday remains the most dangerous of the year.

Take these steps to reduce the risk of 4th of July accidents on the road and in the water.

While you gather with family and friends this 4th of July to enjoy barbecues, boating, fireworks and imbibing, we urge you to practice safety and caution. Statistics show that Independence Day is consistently the most dangerous holiday of the year. While not every accident is avoidable, you can take steps to reduce your risk of being involved in one this holiday weekend.

Plan ahead.

With roadways more crowded than normal during the holiday weekend, and road construction zones popping up daily, it’s imperative to stay on high alert to avoid any unnecessary 4th of July accidents. Do a quick internet search for “road conditions near me” to see local traffic reports and accident maps. This way, if needed, you can reroute before you head out.

Be prepared.

If your holiday plans include time on the water, make sure your boat is properly equipped with the appropriate number of life jackets for all passengers and that all equipment is functioning properly. Boating after dark to see the fireworks? Be sure your navigation lights are in working order so you can be seen. This is not only for your safety – but it’s also the law.

Drive sober.

The best way to avoid drinking and driving is to not drink at all – plain and simple. If you do decide to drink, be sure to designate a sober driver or agree in advance to call a taxi or ride service for the drive home. In 2018, there is no excuse for driving drunk.

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Boat sober.

Boating while under the influence of alcohol is no different than drunk driving. Both acts are wholly illegal. If you plan to wear the captain’s hat, don’t drink – period. Passengers can help out too by being a sober set of eyes to keep a look out on surroundings, like other boats and swimmers.

Say no to distractions.

Operating a car or a boat requires 100% of your attention. Put down the phone and leave the DJ responsibilities to a passenger.

Slow down.

Whether in a car or boat, speeding reduces the amount of time you have to react to sudden changes. Moving at a rate of speed that’s too high for road or water conditions is negligent and can lead to tragic outcomes. No doubt, speeding is dangerous, but when you take into account the increased number of drivers and boaters during the holiday weekend, it’s a recipe for disaster.

Unfortunately, accidents happen.

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