Our singular mission:
Protection of Property Interests through Dramatically Lower Property Taxes

“Property taxes” is a polite term for government confiscation of property.

Unrelenting annual increases in property value assessments by appraisal districts are draconian, without any economic justification and often carry dire financial consequences for commercial property owners.

Appraisal district personnel are not elected and are accountable only to taxing jurisdictions with voracious and insatiable appetites for money. Appraisal districts have utterly no regard nor concern for the property rights of owners, fairness or doing the right thing.

We are committed to protecting your rights as a property owner.

Our view is that challenging grossly excessive property tax value assessments by appraisal districts is quite literally fighting with force against ruthless confiscation of property by a government agency with unlimited resources. The protection of property interests through dramatically lower property taxes requires a permanent, ongoing commitment to the fight. McDonald Law Firm makes that commitment to every client through aggressive, relentless litigation against appraisal districts. We have a record of success to prove it and are happy to share it.

“Guard liberty and property with jealous attention. Suspect everyone who approaches those jewels. Unfortunately, nothing will preserve either but downright force. Whenever you give up that force, you are inevitably ruined.”

–Patrick Henry, January, 1776

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